The most revered sport fish in the world, the blue marlin is among the fastest and strongest predators in the open ocean. They are also quite difficult to catch, especially for inexperienced fishers. Due to their reputation, you are sure to remember each and every single blue marlin you’re lucky enough to catch.

The best months to go marlin fishing off the coast of Stuart, Florida and the Bahamas are in April, May, June and July, especially around the full moons. And most of the blue marlin we catch are during our Bahamas Fishing Adventures in May, June and July.

Most of the blue marlin we catch off the coast of Stuart are around the deeper waters of the Gulf Stream, but there was a rare instance where we caught a good one just 8 miles offshore in 200 to 300 feet of water off the beach in Stuart.

Blue marlins can usually be found feeding on dolphin and tuna schools, swimming 15 to 25 miles (in 1200 to 1500 feet of water) off the coast of Stuart, Florida.

The Bahamas is also a great place to catch blue marlin. The blue marlin fishery throughout the Bahamas has remained strong due to the abundance of tunas to feed on and the lack of fishing pressure around the area.